Zambia here we Come!

How to pray for Zambia

As this article posts this morning, our team is arriving in Lusaka, Zambia- a country that by and large doesn't have all the amenities we Americans afford: clean water, soft beds, air conditioning, or just about any modern comfort you can think of. In spite of the loss of all these things, we are compelled to go- compelled to a specific mission we believe God has sent us on- A mission that this team has planned for.

It's always interesting to me how much we as humans like our plans. As the team leader, I really understand this dynamic. I typically like to know how its all going to play out. I want to know that my attempts at thinking through the logistics and programming will count for something. And although there is definite value and merit in the discipline of being prepared, the truth is no amount of man-made planning can prepare us for what happens when the wheels of our plane touch down on the continent of Africa. I'm reminded of the proverb that says, "Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails."(Proverbs 19:21) This verse has become the ultimate prayer for our team- not that our plans will succeed, but that Christ's purpose will prevail. God has been so faithful to this team already and we have already seen His purposes prevail. Over several months...

  • He assembled our team.
  • He prepared our hearts.
  • He provided our funds needed.
  • He indwells each of us

...and we believe He is faithful to continue in finishing what He started in us for His glory and His name sake.

We will be in Zambia until 6/21. So please lift us up in prayer. Pray that we will have courage to share, that hearts would be tender towards the Gospel, and that we wouldnt get caught up in our own plans. We want the purposes of God to prevail for the sake of this team, the people of Zambia, and the glory of Jesus Christ.


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